Infrastructure: Roads and Bridges

Roads and Bridges

3S has experience in turnkey contracts for road and bridge design and construction; we are able to undertake complete analysis of exiting traffic conditions to determine the most suitable solution.

A good example of the complete turnkey approach is in Barbados, where 3S won a contract to widen the most important arterial road on the island, along with the supply and construction of 6 bridges over intersections that currently operate under very heavy congestion. Here, 3S developed the entire traffic solutions adopted by the Ministry of Public Works. Thereafter, 3S completed the detail design and construction from 2 lanes to 4 lanes of road widening of approximately 8kms of the ABC Barbados Highway.

The structures provided by 3S are all designed by professional engineers and strictly in accordance with leading international design codes, like AASHTO. We have designed structures for a variety of applications, including rural and urban areas

Our goal is to provide a finished product that will perform its function in a predictable manner with minimal maintenance but will also compliment the surrounding and be aesthetically pleasing.

Each structure supplied is manufactured to the highest quality standards and prior to shipping to the site it is trial-assembled to ensure a complete fit. As part of our contract our design staff and our engineers will be on site during the construction phase to assist with correct installation of the structures, thereby ensuring the continued quality of the finished structure.

Steel bridges have significant advantages:
  • Short time frame from design, to installation, to operation
  • Lighter superstructures reduce the size of the foundations
  • Structures are preassembled at the fabrication site
  • Construction and installation process is quick and easy, minimizing traffic disruption

Installation of curved bridge