Panel Bridges

Panel Bridges

In addition to designing and supplying flyover bridges and conventional steel bridges, 3S personnel have a long history in the supply and construction of panel bridges. Panel bridges are ideal in rural applications where access is limited for machines and materials.

The panel bridge can be supplied and installed much quicker than other typical bridge products, making it ideal for a fast response approach in situations such as in disaster relief situations, as well as ensuring rapid development for rural areas.

Because the panel bridge system is fully galvanized, it has an extended maintenance-free life. A panel bridges can either be left in place as a permanent structure or reused at another location, and in a different configuration.

Unlike conventional bridge structures, panel bridges can be installed without large cranes or large workforces. Panel bridges can be launched into place by using a launch nose and rollers and with the aid of an unskilled labor force.

All parts of the panel bridge are manufactured using the highest quality materials and the entire manufacturing process is undertaken in compliance with current international quality control procedures, including both ISO and ASTM standards. The bridging undergoes full live load testing as well as trial assembly to ensure the ease of construction and required performance. Quality control and factory trial assembly